Want to have a great Christmas? Visit an elderly relative living on their own.

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FullSizeRender-2My aunty is the bravest person I know. Now 85 and in declining health, her world has been reduced to shuffling between two rooms holding on to her zimmer frame. Bent double with osteoporosis, she has not been out of her tiny house for the last three years. A widow for over a decade since my uncle died, she has no children and is now completely reliant on carers to change her clothes and toilet her. Over Christmas apart from my visit the only people she will see are her carers.


Remembering the Really Wild Show 30 years on

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RWSIt is 1987. A Mars Bar costs 20p. Margaret Thatcher has just secured a historic third term. George Michael Wants Your Sex, Bono is With or Without You and Rick Astely is Never Gonna Give You Up. Topping them all in September I join the third series of the Really Wild Show as a 21 year old researcher on loan from university. On arrival at the plush BBC offices in the upmarket end of Bristol I am instantly awestruck. After all this is the BBC Natural History Unit, the people who had produced Life on Earth, a programme I’d watched over and over again on my video player until the tape broke. READ MORE

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

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FISJFingers in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham is a beguiling book. It is a beautiful book. And it is an incredibly brave book. Love and angst ridden throughout, its literary meanderings paint a really vivid picture of growing up contrasting the beauty of nature with the ugliness of life. Reading it I found out Chris and I had a lot in common. The 1970s upbringing in suburbia. The feeling of alienation. Being bullied at school. Stashing away pornographic magazines so your Mum wouldn’t find them.  Punk music – him the Clash, me the Boomtown Rats. And of course nature.


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